Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion Committee

The committee meets at least four times each year. Its membership consists of:

  • Chair (Director Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion)
  • Student Equity Officer (ex officio)
  • Disability Contact Officers (ex officio)
  • Indigenous Student Liaison officer (ex officio)
  • Faculty Manager (ex officio)
  • Manager, Student and Academic Services (ex officio)
  • Chair of Undergraduate Admissions Committee (ex officio)
  • Human Resources Manager (ex officio)
  • One general staff member, elected from among her/his number (one year)
  • Three academic staff members, elected from among their number (at least one at Associate Professor/Reader level or above)  (two positions held over for 2006)
  • One elected undergraduate student
  • One postgraduate student selected by the Law Faculty’s Postgraduate Students Association and the Higher Degrees by Research Students Association).